Aug 27 2013

Learn about Strap-on Dildos & Harnesses at Good Vibrations




Good Vibrations Sex Educator/Sales Associate Leslie teaches about Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses, how to get a perfect fit, different harness styles, how to clean harnesses, and more.


Browse their Strap-on Harnesses:

Read Articles about Harnesses in their Sex Ed How-To Section:

May 01 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Oh my beautiful sexualnauts, how I have missed you! It’s been nearly a year since I have posted, and I am all hot and bothered to get back to writing and sharing and inspiring (and hopefully enticing you to click on the porn links at the side and have some fun!).

So for the next post, I plan on getting serious about sex work (Sex Worker Wednesday, how auspicious!) in response to some painful whorephobia encountered on the Australian women’s blog Mamamia run by Mia Freedman. I’ll address points made on her blog post as well as the some of the false rhetoric espoused by most of her readers who commented.

I also have some wonderful videos to catch up on and post about all topics sexual.

So hang in there while I get the motivation revving, the words flowing and the forging on into sexploration at full speed!



Jun 07 2012

HNT in keeping with the vibration

Picture 63

I love my Hitachi, too.

Jun 06 2012

Sex Worker Open University on Sex work Wednesday




Keeping this short but sweet. This video crossed my desk today, and it is a roundup of the discussions, protests, classes and performances that took place in October of 2011 in London for the Sex Worker Open University – I do so wish I could have gone – it looks like it was a blast!! Maybe they’ll be doing it again this year…


Jun 04 2012

Masturbation Monday with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross

With the recent coming out of the movie Hysteria (to mixed reviews as mentioned in a previous post), and the spate of articles discussing the various aspects of the real history of the vibrator and its inventors, as well as their misogynists motivations for doing so, I was pleased to find in this backlog of videos in my email from Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross, this one discussing their favorite sex toys and vibrators.


But what I only just learned from this fabulous article on Mother Jones, that presents a brief timeline of the history of hysteria and the corresponding treatments recorded from as early as 500 BC, is that after having been cast into the realms of things only bad women do in pornography from the early fifties on, in 1973 Betty Dodson “reintroduced the vibrator at NOW’s Sexuality Conference in 1973 as a symbol of sexual empowerment. She was huge advocate for the Hitachi Magic Wand”. I could kick myself for not already knowing that!! Here are the pictures on Dodson and Ross’s blog to prove it:



So imagine my sheer joy tonight at coming across this video in my email, from back in February, with Betty and Carlin giving advice on how to use a Hitachi for the first time (it is a pretty intense toy – I have to use it gingerly, though it is currently my favorite vibrator):



Jun 03 2012

SSEXBBOX on Sunday



That won’t be the regular title, though it may for the next few weeks, as they have a handful of videos I want to share. Later I will also have daily news to add to some of the simpler posts such as this with only video.

I wanted to show SSEXBBOX, because it is so similar to the vision I have had for Pure Sex. I see something like CarnalNation and SEXIS, combined with the artistic vision of what SSEXBBOX is doing – and what they are doing is oh so sexy… enjoy!


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